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The action-packed story of Michael Lorenzo, portrayed by Michael DePasquale Jr. (”The Power Within,” “China Heat,” “King of the Kickboxers,” “Blood Moon”). Lorenzo is a down and out private detective who, while trying to keep his financially strapped NY based agency above water, has his whole world turned inside out by the brutal mob directed murder of his younger brother. The fact that the murder was a case of mistaken identity fills Michael with guilt: Michael, driving his brother’s truck, had accidentally collided with the limo of “Don” Carlo Benevito causing the mob boss’s death. The younger Benevito, Vito, played by Keith Vitali (”Blood Brothers,” “Super Fights,” “Revenge of the Ninja”), thinking this to be a mob hit, immediately dispatched his chief strongarm Sly, played by Joe Hess (”Too Much,” “Blood Moon”) to”even the score.” The grief stricken Michael uses his sreet smarts and martial arts skills to “go under” and infiltrate the powerful and dangerous Benevito crime family to exact his own revenge. Michael does this despite admonitions from his friend, Detective Parnelli portrayed by Joe Lewis (”Jaguar Lives,” “Force Five,” “Mr. X”) and his estranged wife, Gloria, played by Michele Seidman. In the course of events, and after several run-ins with Sly, Michael is eventually exposed, whichis the set up for the wildly spectacular fight scenes to follow, set in the Benevito “drug factory.”

“The Cutoff” depicts spectacular cutting-edge fight scenes that have never before been seen by the movie going public. Directed by the talented master of on-screen action, Art Camacho (”Recoil,” “Point Doom,” “Little Bigfoot,” “The Power Within”), this incredible action/adventure epic is destined to take the genres of both Mob and Martial Arts motion pictures to a fantastic new level!


Nominated for:
AOF "Action on Film"International Film Festival 2006

WINNER, Best Action Sequence.

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Amongst his many other ventures, is Michael DePasquale Jr.'s feature length film, "The Cutoff". Michael DePasquale Jr. wore many hats as Executive Producer, Producer, Stunt/Fight Coordinator, Writer and Lead. This movie used the talent pool from The Screen Action Stunt Association which all stunts from pyrotechnics, car stunts to the dynamic fight scenes were talent from instructors and graduates of The Action Film Academy. This included 40 Martial Arts Experts hand picked by his production company Screen Action Productions. Michael DePasquale Jr. also wrote three songs for the film, which were produced by Grammy winning peoducer John Rollo and Screen Action Productions. In 2006, The Cutoff Movie received the prestigious Action On Film, Best Action Sequence award and was nominated for the Best Fight Sequence from the field of over 100 movies.

Michael DePasquale Jr

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Art Camacho

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